We seek challenges being addressed by interesting and intelligent people. We offer our advice and dedicate our time and capital to building the markets and ecosystems necessary for ideas to grow. We ask, 'How could this be better?' and we set out to do it.

Meaningful Engagements

Our recent work includes managing and originating a distressed credit portfolio, advising for the build out of a two-sided market, and contract management of stressed and distressed companies.

Distressed Credit

Recent market conditions have created opportunities in distressed credit. We help institutional investors with the origination and management of their distressed credit portfolios.

Market Making

Various market dislocations have necessitated the need for new capital sources in the oil and gas industries. We helped a growing start up formalize their origination and back-office functions to allow for efficient growth.

Interim and Contract Management

Our principals have provided interim and contract executive management to private companies to support the tail ends of company's life cycle. From building out front and back office systems, hiring and fund raising, to winding down contractual obligations and managing staff loads, we work best when situations are most dynamic.